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One of the oldest things you said was, “go through all your troubles bravely and with a smile,” but when people are in pain, how is this possible?

It is very important to go through your problems bravely and with a smile because your Karma has to be paid off and you must not resent it. If you complain and grumble, indulge in self pity and depression, make your pain a very big deal thus making life difficult for your loved ones and the people who are trying to help you, you’re not repaying your karma at all; you may be even be adding negative karma. Or, if you are repaying it, the payment may be happening at a very slow rate and your pain may feel never-ending. This is how you are converting your pain into suffering. But if you face your problems bravely, you are demonstrating courage and strengthening your spirit. You are aware of the nature of the problems and you are dealing with them from higher, spiritual perspective. So smile through your problems, be positive, and handle your pain with grace. Grace simply means that you maintain dignity, have complete faith in God and His justice, and have a sense of humour too– without losing sight of the importance of the situation. Be light in a grave situation. When you do this, spirit souls are able to help you through your karma. When you display courage and grace, you are showing God that you are able to handle the problems that come your way in a spiritual manner, without blaming anyone and without being resentful or negative. You’re operating from your subconscious mind and spirit souls are able to pray for you so that you have the strength to handle your problems. Spirit souls cannot take away your problems, but with care and protection from spirit world you receive more strength to make it through your problems and you can pay off your karma easily and quickly. This does not mean that your Karma lessons; it means you get the strength and wisdom to deal with it better and more quickly.

— excerpt from The Laws of the Spirit World, Khorshed Bhavnagri

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