Tarot Talks with Gurpreet Kkaur @Gargi College,2016


okay, so amidst all the chaos and food stalls, there was this stall, I had booked for myself, for 3 long days… my personal space.. i had got a banner with my name written on it, and a beautiful angel.. oh yes, i had that feeling when a child is given her very first something and she gets so overwhelmed and so excited, that all she talks about is that thing and all that.. yeah, i had the same feeling..

Yes.. that was the first time, in all these years i was open to showcase my talent.. out there in public.. a rush of nervousness and excitement was making a balance up and down my spine.. i know thats nonsensical, but that was exactly what i had been feeling on the very first day..

there were youth, undergraduates, graduates, teachers and parents, all around.. i was prepared and for the grounding, i was literally standing and sitting barefeet on the ground, to keep myself and my nerves in a balance..

i picked out all my stuff, pinned the sheet, decorated the table, laid the beautiful blue cloth over it.. displayed my crystals.. and cards and sat on the chair..

i swear.. i had never felt this nervous ever Ever in my lifetime.. I have been doing readings for almost 13 years, if not more.. but this time, it was something extraordinary.. i was out there in public.. for the very first time.. OH MY GOD! I can still feel the rush in me..

so, i was sitting and at times. roaming, in my own personal space.. meditating.. burning incense and trying to decorate my space more and more.. and my first client came in…. WHOOOSH!!

She was a 1st year student, still confused about her career.. wanted to do something else, but compelled to do something else.. that generally happens in all our houses.. and then her friends hopped in.. we talked about crystals, energies, and all that psychic stuff that happens.. met a few critics.. oh yes.. a few people, who had no idea what Tarot or Energy means.. and they were really astonished to how accurate the energy can speak..

One of them said, “was really skeptic, when she said she can read the energies, but i am really convinced now, as she talked about my late brother, who she could have never ever guessed about.”

Though, i gave almost a 50 readings in those 3 days.. i mean, professionally.. i even did a mediumship, there.. which was really a surprise for me.. because i wasnt ready for it, infact, wasnt open for that, basically in that space..

but the spirit came through so beautifully, it even told its name, and how it was related to the client. even i had goosebumps.. 🙂

one of the client, a guy, came in and asked if i could guess about his career, like what he should do and what he is planning to do.. and after the reading, in his words, “Had a very nice experience, i doubted that, but she predicts very well… I can bet on that.”

i had a few DreamCatchers for sale.. i love the DIY things, to be mentioned.. and girls were really crazy for those.. I too am.. LOL 😀

a few teachers.. interns, probably, came to get readings.. and they loved it as well..

parents of a few students came in.. to know how their child is going to fare in their respective fields.. They were so shy to talk about their own lives in front of their children, that one of the parents of a girl, whom i read for, came after a while to enquire about her ownself.. and her reading asked her to “Be More Open With Your Loved Ones.”

a few of them were really interested in Crystal Jewellery.. Lapis Lazuli.. Labradorite.. Amethyst.. and oh! our love stone, Rose Quartz, were a few..

one girl, actually two.. they are twins and I so love them.. ♥ They actually got the crystal pendants for all of their friends.. as a farewell gift..

so all in all.. It was a beautiful experience.. did other events after that.. But this one.. being my very first Public Appearance (oh! I feel like a celebrity :D).. was something and is something I can never forget.. (just like I still remember the first Tarot Reading I ever did, 13 years back.. and the first Mediumship Reading I ever did for someone(will write about that later))

–Gurpreet Kkaur

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