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Tarot – The Cozy Corner at SulaFest 2017


So the FEBRUARY 2017 came with a BANG….

The entire month had been full of trips and overwhelming experiences..

The one event that we covered in this over-the-top month was the SULAFEST- World Music Festival at Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

Well, why specifically am I talking about this particular event is because of some really good reasons. One of them being, this trip was one of my first Solo Trip Ever..

((yes, i know, i am 28 years old and still i managed to live all my life in my comfort zone, under my parents’ shed and guidance. so being on my own for the very first time was really nerve wrecking and quite an experience..))

Anyway, talks about the trip might call for another post. For now, lets just stick to the main theme.. The experience of Tarot Reading at SulaFest, The Music Festival.

So, it was a 3 days event, having 3 stages at the premises, where the music was all ears.. and yes, the wine too.. after all, the location was the Sula Vineyards..

Well, this time, the Tarot corner didnt only provide Psychic Tarot Readings, but had some handmade stuff too on the table, like tiaras and neck-pieces and dreamcatchers as well..

Talking about Psychic Tarot Readings, this time, for the very first time, came a time, when i wasnt actually able to look at the time.. (WOW!!)

That means, the moment I acknowledged, there were THIRTEEN people standing in the queue, waiting for their readings.. I wasnt able to get hold of time, as one sitter got off the seat, just in time for the next sitter to sit..

One of the readings, I still remember, a girl and her parents, and all three of them were there for the reading, so I started asking questions about who want to go first, and the girl said she wants to be the first one. While the reading progressed, and while I was tuning into her energies, all the information that I, with the help of Spirit, was able to retrieve, was completely accurate and to-the-point, as stated my the girl herself.

i know, probably its not good to say, but it gives me an intense emotional satisfaction to see the look at my clients/sitters face and eyes, when they say that “Gurpreet, you actually read our mind and lives.” (nah! not being proud, but being content and at ONE with the spirit is what these kind of statements make me feel..)

so yes, this girl had tears of acceptance in her eyes, and her mother, who was also sitting there, felt the same way, and said

You are an angel in disguise. we owe you so much for bringing in all that we ever wanted to hear. she(her daughter) didnt even tell you what her problems are, yet you seamlessly opened them and almost resolved the issues. its a great honour for us, to meet you and speak to you.

These words actually made me drop a few tears of happiness and joy, because the Spirit was in full sway. It gives you immense pleasure to know that you are on your right path.

We did the readings for the girl’s mother and father, as well, and they all were really very satisfied. We even shared the flare of writings, the mother is a poet and she happily shared a part of her poetry with me. The next day, we again met, they came near my stall space and we like talked for a few minutes before bidding goodbye.

Then, there were these two girls, who came there asking for some career related questions, and then the reading drifted to some of their very personal questions. while we were talking about one of the girl’s deceased mother, the spirit again gave me goosebumps by bringing in the energy of the mother, there, itself.  As i have always made a point, that I never intentionally want to bring up the energies of the passed persons, in my open public events, still the Spirit never leaves a chance to astonish me. So, not only the energy of the mother told us about what happened while she was dying, she almost “replied” to one of the questions her daughter had been asking to, since her death.

In the words of this girl,

Maybe coming here and getting a reading from you, was my mother’s wish and not mine. Thanks for helping me with the answers. i had no clue, that such a thing is also being done in this life..(communicating to passed people’s energies) Thanks again..

Also, there was a guy who came for reading, probably after waiting for 2 hours. While I was drained and exhausted after a full day of back-to-back readings, I still owed this guy a reading as he had been waiting for so long for the same. Till day I feel bad for not being able to read for him, as while shuffling the cards and focusing on the energy, I wasnt able to feel a thing, because I was highly exhausted by the time. So, I asked him to come back after a few minutes so atleast i am able to ground myself and bring back my focus. He readily agreed, and I paid him back the amount he paid before he sat for the reading. Although, he didnt come back, obviously because it was already quarter to 11 at night and we were about to wind up for the day.

But while he was leaving the stall, he said, ” I admire how professional and in-tune with your work, you are. You could have said anything and probably killed the time, because not all the readings are completely accurate. But I appreciate your honesty and your time and energy. ” and I happily said, “Thanks”..


Tarot Talks with Gurpreet Kkaur @Gargi College,2016


okay, so amidst all the chaos and food stalls, there was this stall, I had booked for myself, for 3 long days… my personal space.. i had got a banner with my name written on it, and a beautiful angel.. oh yes, i had that feeling when a child is given her very first something and she gets so overwhelmed and so excited, that all she talks about is that thing and all that.. yeah, i had the same feeling..

Yes.. that was the first time, in all these years i was open to showcase my talent.. out there in public.. a rush of nervousness and excitement was making a balance up and down my spine.. i know thats nonsensical, but that was exactly what i had been feeling on the very first day..

there were youth, undergraduates, graduates, teachers and parents, all around.. i was prepared and for the grounding, i was literally standing and sitting barefeet on the ground, to keep myself and my nerves in a balance..

i picked out all my stuff, pinned the sheet, decorated the table, laid the beautiful blue cloth over it.. displayed my crystals.. and cards and sat on the chair..

i swear.. i had never felt this nervous ever Ever in my lifetime.. I have been doing readings for almost 13 years, if not more.. but this time, it was something extraordinary.. i was out there in public.. for the very first time.. OH MY GOD! I can still feel the rush in me..

so, i was sitting and at times. roaming, in my own personal space.. meditating.. burning incense and trying to decorate my space more and more.. and my first client came in…. WHOOOSH!!

She was a 1st year student, still confused about her career.. wanted to do something else, but compelled to do something else.. that generally happens in all our houses.. and then her friends hopped in.. we talked about crystals, energies, and all that psychic stuff that happens.. met a few critics.. oh yes.. a few people, who had no idea what Tarot or Energy means.. and they were really astonished to how accurate the energy can speak..

One of them said, “was really skeptic, when she said she can read the energies, but i am really convinced now, as she talked about my late brother, who she could have never ever guessed about.”

Though, i gave almost a 50 readings in those 3 days.. i mean, professionally.. i even did a mediumship, there.. which was really a surprise for me.. because i wasnt ready for it, infact, wasnt open for that, basically in that space..

but the spirit came through so beautifully, it even told its name, and how it was related to the client. even i had goosebumps.. 🙂

one of the client, a guy, came in and asked if i could guess about his career, like what he should do and what he is planning to do.. and after the reading, in his words, “Had a very nice experience, i doubted that, but she predicts very well… I can bet on that.”

i had a few DreamCatchers for sale.. i love the DIY things, to be mentioned.. and girls were really crazy for those.. I too am.. LOL 😀

a few teachers.. interns, probably, came to get readings.. and they loved it as well..

parents of a few students came in.. to know how their child is going to fare in their respective fields.. They were so shy to talk about their own lives in front of their children, that one of the parents of a girl, whom i read for, came after a while to enquire about her ownself.. and her reading asked her to “Be More Open With Your Loved Ones.”

a few of them were really interested in Crystal Jewellery.. Lapis Lazuli.. Labradorite.. Amethyst.. and oh! our love stone, Rose Quartz, were a few..

one girl, actually two.. they are twins and I so love them.. ♥ They actually got the crystal pendants for all of their friends.. as a farewell gift..

so all in all.. It was a beautiful experience.. did other events after that.. But this one.. being my very first Public Appearance (oh! I feel like a celebrity :D).. was something and is something I can never forget.. (just like I still remember the first Tarot Reading I ever did, 13 years back.. and the first Mediumship Reading I ever did for someone(will write about that later))

–Gurpreet Kkaur

Spiritual Strength


One of the oldest things you said was, “go through all your troubles bravely and with a smile,” but when people are in pain, how is this possible?

It is very important to go through your problems bravely and with a smile because your Karma has to be paid off and you must not resent it. If you complain and grumble, indulge in self pity and depression, make your pain a very big deal thus making life difficult for your loved ones and the people who are trying to help you, you’re not repaying your karma at all; you may be even be adding negative karma. Or, if you are repaying it, the payment may be happening at a very slow rate and your pain may feel never-ending. This is how you are converting your pain into suffering. But if you face your problems bravely, you are demonstrating courage and strengthening your spirit. You are aware of the nature of the problems and you are dealing with them from higher, spiritual perspective. So smile through your problems, be positive, and handle your pain with grace. Grace simply means that you maintain dignity, have complete faith in God and His justice, and have a sense of humour too– without losing sight of the importance of the situation. Be light in a grave situation. When you do this, spirit souls are able to help you through your karma. When you display courage and grace, you are showing God that you are able to handle the problems that come your way in a spiritual manner, without blaming anyone and without being resentful or negative. You’re operating from your subconscious mind and spirit souls are able to pray for you so that you have the strength to handle your problems. Spirit souls cannot take away your problems, but with care and protection from spirit world you receive more strength to make it through your problems and you can pay off your karma easily and quickly. This does not mean that your Karma lessons; it means you get the strength and wisdom to deal with it better and more quickly.

— excerpt from The Laws of the Spirit World, Khorshed Bhavnagri