The word ‘Transcend’ means to go beyond the range of limits.

TRANSCENDENTAL LIVING means ‘living beyond the realms of possibilities’..

..Living.. What is Living? Living a specified lifestyle, or having things work your way, or just living for the sake of living. Living doesn’t only mean to live, but to Live lively, with energy, with abundance..

..Possibilities.. What exactly is a possibility? An understanding derived by human thinking.. mostly, as per the comfort zone.. But do we know that there are numerous possibilities for each and every thing? And do we believe in it?

If we don’t believe in the possibilities that the human understanding can think of.. How can we believe or even think of the possibilities that are beyond the dimension of the human mind?

A wise man once said, “Don’t make your mind, your Master, but, make your mind your Slave..”

Transcendental Living.. Living Beyond The Realms Of Possibilities..

Possibilities limits the thinking, it provides an upper limit and a lower limit, to a situation..

So what actually lies beyond the possibilities? Beyond the logic?

Is Transcendental Living..

TRANSCENDENTAL LIVINGĀ is here not JUST to make you live or to heal your problems away but to make you Believe in your own self, in the Energy that is in you.. The Energy that you are made up of..

To make you believe that where the limit of our intellectual knowledge ends, their lies already an existential Knowing that one already has but is forgotten..

To make you ONE with the Energy.. The Source.. The Creator.. The God..